The Reykjavík Global Forum – Women Leaders is not just a conference – not just a single moment on the calendar. It is both a convening and a community. And at a time when equal representation and equal rights have never been more important, more in focus, or more at risk, this is a critical moment to come together.

On 9-10 November 2021, Women Political Leaders (WPL), the Government of Iceland, and the Parliament of Iceland  co-host the fourth annual Reykjavík Global Forum.

Attracting hundreds of Conversationists each year, the Forum offers a unique lens into the best practices and proven solutions that leaders are deploying across sectors to achieve parity. We work with some of the most influential leaders, compelling speakers, and innovative problem solvers in the world.



The Forum relies on a high level and ambassadorial committee of Co-Chairs to advise on the Forum programme and its activities. The committee is made up of leading figures from academia, civil society, business, and politics.

These are leaders who identify with the mission of the Reykjavík Global Forum. Co-Chairs are nominated by the Women Political Leaders Board and are approved by the Icelandic Steering Committee.

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Main stage Programme

LeadersTalks Programme

The Forum’s LeadersTalks are interactive, partner-led sessions geared toward generating impactful and inclusive conversations. Their purpose is to share initiatives and approaches and to openly exchange ideas, so as to inspire others to take action. LeadersTalks will address a broad variety of topics such as climate, economy, health, entrepreneurship, fair pay, integrity, political representation, domestic and digital violence, and more.

Join the conversation in-person

Address: Austurbakki 2, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Attracting hundreds of Conversationists each year, the Forum offers a unique lens into the best practices and proven solutions that leaders are deploying across sectors and geographies to further advance society. We work with some of the most influential leaders and innovative problem solvers in the world. Join us in Reykjavík, Iceland.

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It is with great pleasure that the Reykjavík Global Forum – Women Leaders and the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs invite you to partake in a Reykjavík Conversation.

In this new era of convening for the Reykjavík Global Forum, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is opening the doors of Icelandic embassies around the world and inviting women leaders to join ambassadors in a conversation on how leaders can build a more equitable and sustainable future in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Key commitments of the Reykjavík Global Forum have always been to harness the collective power of women leaders and to create practical tools, accessible to all leaders striving to improve society. To continue to deliver on this promise, we will be gathering the ideas that are shared during the Reykjavík Conversations and using them to inform one of the prized products of the Reykjavík Global Forum: The Reykjavík Manual. The Manual is a practical guide that draws together the insights, best practices and solutions offered by women leaders worldwide.

These are small roundtable conversations held under Chatham House Rules that will last approximately ninety minutes. For their participation in these Conversations that help shape and expand The Reykjavík Manual, attendees will be listed in the Manual as co-authors. Furthermore, in recognition of the contributions of Reykjavík Conversation participants to the Reykjavík Global Forum, attendees will receive the title of Conversationist at the Forum.

This year Reykjavík Conversations 2021 are hosted by ambassadors in the following locations:

Beijing. November 25 / 4:00 pm
New York. December 2 / 1:30 pm
Ottawa. December 7 / 10:00 am

Tokyo. December 9 / 9:30 am

Please note that all times are local. Additional locations may be confirmed at a later date.

Due to health and safety precautions and considerations of space, we can offer participation only to a limited number of Conversationists.


If you are interested in taking part in a Reykjavík Conversation and one of the above, you can also contact us any time at

The Forum 2021 is a multi-location convening of around 500 people gathering in Iceland, in person Global Forum Satellites in other parts of the world, complemented by a digital gathering. The Reykjavík Global Forum provides a much needed sense of community each year and there is a strong demand from Conversationists of the past years that this sense of community needs to be replicated globally at this important time.

This year, simultaneous Global Forum Satellites – Women Leaders across the globe provide for leaders not traveling to Reykjavík the opportunity to be part of the Conversations and the possibility to use their Power, Together for Progress – which is the motto of the Reykjavík Global Forum 2021.

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