WLGF creates positive measurable change. In the spirit of ‘Power, Together’ WLGF launches its Community of Action

Power, Together Awards


The power to advance society – to change and move things in a positive way – comes from using our power together. This is especially true when change is needed to increase the number and power of women leaders. Together, women can make the changes necessary; together women can create societies of better diversity; together women can make sure the future holds as many opportunities for girls and women as for boys and men.

POWER, TOGETHER is the key.

In recognition of that, the Reykjavík Global Forum presents the POWER, TOGETHER award to outstanding initiatives, where people join forces to effect great change.

The 2019 Reykjavík Global Forum recognises the Nobel Women’s Initiative and organisations which seek to end Period Poverty.

Nobel Women’s Initiative

In 2006, six incredible women recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize united and pledged to work together to use the visibility and prestige of the Nobel Prize to highlight, amplify and promote the work of women and women organisations around the globe who are striving to uphold peace, justice and equality. The focus of the Nobel Women’s Initiative on harnessing the collective wealth of women’s leadership and experience to provoke concrete change and create opportunities for women’s empowerment in areas of peace and security is exemplary. By building strong knowledge networks and connections, it galvanizes the undeniable fact that women can and should play a key role in transforming conflict and leading peaceful reconciliation and rebuilding processes – enacting POWER, TOGETHER. You can find more information about the Nobel Women’s Initiative here.

End Period Poverty Movements

Menstruation is a shared experience among billions of people, and yet remains a globally stigmatised topic. As a result, women and girls are suffering in silence and missing education and career opportunities, instead of embracing themselves and their bodies. The Reykjavík Global Forum awards these inspirational initiatives and organisations that are working in their communities and abroad to empower women, break down the stigma of menstruation, and push for policy change. By providing a platform for all these different parties to make connections, engage in discussion, and share best practices, we will build momentum for a truly global movement where all those involved work hand in hand towards the same goal. Truly, we have the POWER, TOGETHER to end stigmatization of periods once and for all.

The 2019 Reykjavík Global Forum is awarding 25 organisations:

In its inaugural year, the 2018 Women Leaders Global Forum presented the POWER, TOGETHER Awards to the following initiatives:

  • #MeToo
  • International Olympic Committee
  • African Women Leaders Network