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The Reykjavik Global Forum 2020 results in The Reykjavík Manual, a new, practical guide drawing together the insights, best practices, and solutions offered by women leaders worldwide. The Reykjavik Manual will help leaders and society to ‘build back better’ to a more resilient society, where women in leadership is not the exception.


The Reykjavik Manual

At the Forum’s Action Stages, Conversationists will spark ideas, learn from each other, and consider how women and men leaders can take concrete steps towards greater progress. This is the lens used at the Forum to talk about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The first edition of the Reykjavik Manual will consist of nine chapters, representing nine of the SDGs, and will feature both practical and visionary solutions from Conversationists attending the Reykjavik Global Forum.

A sneak preview of the Reykjavik Manual is to be presented in the context of the virtual Davos Dialogues week during the week of January 25, as a way to spark more conversations and continue to shift perceptions and increase the visibility of women leaders. 

Over time, more chapters will be added to the Reykjavik Manual, covering all the SDGs. As we roll out future chapters and editions in 2021, the Reykjavik Manual will continue to put women leaders’ voices at the centre.