Forum 2020



In a year that has underscored the need for greater women’s leadership and parity in decision making, the Reykjavík Global Forum – Women Leaders will be one of the very few platforms where hundreds of Leaders from all sectors, including politics, business, civil society, academia, the arts, and media, can Power, Together in 2020 to build back a more resilient and equal society.

The Forum 2020 will be an interactive digital gathering, taking place over three full days from 9 – 11 November 2020.

Forum 2020

Because the opportunity to advance women’s leadership in this symbolic and challenging year cannot be underestimated and neither can our commitment to creating an inclusive convening moment, we have made the decision to transform the Forum to ensure that participation from all parts of the world is possible, and that conversations remain truly global.

While we will all miss the icy wind and Northern Lights of Iceland, this decision allows us to ensure the safety of the Reykjavík Global Forum community.

Together with our Icelandic co-hosts, we are thrilled to announce the opportunity “to be together in Iceland” in spirit while we cannot in person. This will be made possible through the “Reykjavík Satellites”; small, local gatherings co-hosted by Icelandic embassies and consulates around the world. These events, which will adhere to local health and safety guidelines, will all have the same programme and play an important part in the wider, global programme.

Conversationists of the digital gathering, will be joined by participants of the Reykjavik Satellites and jointly contribute to the overall Forum outcome: the Reykjavik Manual.

As one of the Global Leaders for the Action Coalitions of Generation Equality and supporting UN Women and other organisations in making sure the world unites to address gender equality this year, we are expanding the Forum to incorporate broader partnership and areas of focus.


We hope that in creating this space to take part in the Forum collectively, enjoying some Icelandic culinary adventures, we can continue to Power, Together in new and exciting ways.


The Forum is co-hosted by Women Political Leaders (WPL) and the Government and Parliament of Iceland.


Forum 2020
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The Reykjavík Global Forum is the platform where women leaders discuss and share ideas and solutions. To achieve that, it needs everyone participating and to enter the conversation.

At the Forum, one is not an attendee, but an invited leader; someone who can hear what is being said, can add value to and share the passion for the conversation: a Conversationist.

The Forum looks forward to welcoming leading Conversationists at this years’  Forum. The conversation starts here.

... The Forum is the platform where leaders discuss and share ideas and solutions. To achieve that, everyone needs to participate and enter the conversation ...
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2020 Conversationists include
  • Alva Manira

    Vice President for Political and Civic Engagement, Vital Voices Global Partnership

  • Atifete Jahjaga

    President of the Republic of Kosovo (2011-2016)

  • Avni Ronit

    Founder and CEO, Localized

  • Azat Urgamal

    Founder and Board Director, Oddariya Foundation

  • Bani Dugal

    Principal Representative, Bahá’í International Community

  • Betty Kumahor

    Managing Partner, The Cobalt Partners

  • Caroline Gutman

    Chief Executive Officer, Nu Market

  • Christy Tanner

    Executive Vice-President and General Manager of CBS News Digital, CBS Corporation

  • Dirk Luyten

    Founder of INSEAD’s Gender Research Fund and a Member of the Exco of the Global Women in Business Club

  • DJ Forza

    Director of Partnerships and Collaboration, World YMCA

  • Gabriela Morawska-Stanecka

    Deputy Marshal of the Senate, Senate of the Republic of Poland

  • Hiltrud D. Werner

    Member of the Board of Management & Head of Integrity and Legal Affairs, Volkswagen AG

  • Isabel Capeloa Gil

    IFCU President, Catholic University of Portugal

  • Isabel de Saint Malo

    Former Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Panama

  • Jani Bhairavi

    Executive Director, SCA Group of Companies

  • Joahna Cherry

    Member of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom

  • Josh Lozman

    Director of Program Advocacy & Communications for gender equality, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Juniper Downs

    Global Director, Public Affairs Google

  • Katrin Olga Jóhannesdóttir

    Chairman, Iceland Chamber of Commerce

  • Kerry Healey

    President, Babson College

  • Marilyn Rose Chaplin

    Chief Human Resources Officer, NTT Limited

  • Masoumeh Ebtekar

    Vice President for Women and Family affairs

  • Natalie M. Byrne

    Founder of Blank Space, Head of Brand Purpose at Unilever Prestige, Director of Global Impact, Dermalogica (2013-2019), Blank Space

  • Nayé A. Bathily

    Head of Global Parliamentary Relations, World Bank Group

  • Olivia Ross-Wilson

    Chief Communications Officer, IKEA Group

  • Patricia Pelton

    President, World YMCA

  • Sanda Halimah

    Founder/CEO, Romzaib Foundation

  • Sania Nishtar

    Founder and President, Heartfile

  • Sara Pantuliano

    Acting Executive Director, Overseas Development Institute

  • Shannon Thyme Klinger

    Chief Legal Officer, Member of the Executive Committee, Novartis International AG

  • Shorena Barbakadze

    Founder and General Manager, International Language House

  • Sunna Einarsdóttir

    Chief Financial Officer, Deloitte

  • Ulrika Biesert

    People and Culture Manager, IKEA Group