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9-10 November 2021

Forum 2021

The Reykjavík Global Forum took place in Reykjavik, Iceland, over a two-day-period of 9th-10th November 2021.


The Forum relies on a high level and ambassadorial committee of Co-Chairs to advise on the Forum programme and its activities. The committee is made up of leading figures from academia, civil society, business, and politics.

These are leaders who identify with the mission of the Reykjavík Global Forum. Co-Chairs are nominated by the Women Political Leaders Board and are approved by the Icelandic Steering Committee.

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Featured Conversationists

The Reykjavík Global Forum is the platform where women leaders discuss and share ideas and solutions. To achieve that, it needs everyone participating and to enter the conversation. At the Forum, one is not an attendee, but an invited leader; someone who can hear what is being said, can add value to and share the passion for the conversation: a Conversationist. The Forum looks forward to welcoming leading Conversationists at this years’ Forum. The conversation starts here.
Featured Conversationists ■ ■ ■

… The Forum is the platform where leaders discuss and share ideas and solutions. To achieve that, everyone needs to participate and enter the conversation …

Featured Conversationists

Shiva Dustdar

Head, Division Innovation Finance Advisory, European Investment Bank

Susana Malcorra

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship (2015-2017), Argentina and Member and Co-Founder, GWL Voices

Lina Lopes

Member of Parliament and WPL Country Ambassador, Assembleia da República

Dirk Luyten

Founder, INSEAD Gender Research Fund and a Member, Exco, Global Women in Business Club

Arancha González Laya

Minister, Foreign Affairs (2020-2021), Assistant Secretary-General, UN (2013-2021), Member, GWL Voices

Nivruti Rai

Country Head, Intel India and Vice President, Intel Foundry Services, Intel Corporation

Lopa Banerjee

Executive Coordinator, Generation Equality and Director, Civil Society Division, UN Women

Roopa Dhatt

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Women in Global Health


Afke Schaart

Senior Vice President and Head of Global Impact, Huawei

Agnes Zani

Member of the Senate, Senate of the Parliament, Kenya

Agostina Pechi

Managing Director, Goldman Sachs and Co. and Head of EM, Latin America

Alenka Jeraj

Member of Parliament, National Assembly, Republic of Slovenia