8 - 10 November


About The Forum

After 2020 – a year unlike any other in our lifetimes – 2021 has brought a renewed sense of hope for a world engaged in transition, recovery, and learning. The Reykjavík Global Forum seeks to frame the COVID-19 pandemic not only in terms of what has been lost, but with emphasis on what has been gained – the lessons learnt and the strong possibilities for building forward. This year’s Reykjavík Global Forum will convene women leaders from across diverse sectors to take stock of the reality created by the pandemic, as well as to share solutions, insights, and ideas on how to foster and construct a more equitable world where gender parity is embedded into all aspects of political and economic decision-making.

In this new era of convening, the Reykjavík Global Forum  Women Leaders 2021 will be held in Reykjavík, providing the opportunity for an in-person conference, combined with a digital experience for those unable to travel to Iceland. The main Reykjavík Global Forum events in Reykjavík will be connected to several simultaneous Reykjavík Satellites, which are smaller gatherings held in various locations around the globe.

First launched in November 2018 and co-hosted annually in partnership with the Government and Parliament of Iceland, the Reykjavík Global Forum provides an unmatched opportunity for women leaders from around the globe (from business, politics, academia, the arts and media, and other disciplines) to connect, confer, and exchange best practices and solutions on how to sustainably advance our global society.

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The Forum relies on a high level and ambassadorial committee of Co-Chairs. The committee is made up of leading figures from academia, civil Society, business, and politics who identify with the mission of the Reykjavík Global Forum have been actively supporting women to express their voices. Co-Chairs are nominated by the Women Political Leaders Board and approved by the Icelandic Steering Committee. Co-chairs advise on the Forum program and its activities, thereby pushing conversations out of the comfort zone to explore ways to respond to societal issues.