The Reykjavík Global Forum – Women Leaders creates positive measurable change.

In the spirit of ‘Power, Together’ the Forum launched its Community of Actions to walk the talk.

The Reykjavík Index for Leadership is the measure of how women and men are viewed in terms of their suitability for leadership.

In 2018, Women Political Leaders came together with Kantar Public to create the Reykjavík Index for Leadership – the world’s first measure of society’s perceptions of women and men’s suitability to lead.

The Reykjavík Index for Leadership reminds us that perceptions are critical. We ask government, business, and civil society to use this evidence to support action as we work to create a society where we all have an equal opportunity to serve through leadership.

Our explicit goal is a world in which The Reykjavík Index score of 100 is the norm; this would be a world where men and women are viewed as equally suitable to lead.

Reykjavik Index for 2022-2023 

It was at The Reykjavik Global Forum, on 8 November 2022 in Iceland, that we shared the early headlines from the latest Reykjavík Index for Leadership.

The collective response from the many global leaders from across politics, business, NGOs, and academia, was one of frustration and dismay – that after five years of measuring perceptions of women’s suitability for leadership, we appear to have made little discernible progress as a global society on viewing women and men as equally suitable to lead.

This should give everyone cause for concern.

Read the Reykjavík Index for Leadership report 2022-23.