Reykjavík Global Forum – 2020


The Reykjavík Global Forum is where women leaders discuss and share ideas and solutions on how to further advance society.

The Reykjavík Global Forum – Women Leaders was launched in November, 2018, in Reykjavík, Iceland, as the Women Leaders Global Forum. The Forum is annually co-hosted by Women Political Leaders (WPL), and the Government and Parliament of Iceland, under the heading Power, Together.

Each year the Forum invites 450 leaders from around the globe, including Presidents and Prime Ministers and other public figures, as well as leaders from business, academia, civil society, arts, media and more who are playing a vital role in their respective fields sharing ideas, insights and experiences.

Consistently ranked as the leading country on the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report, Iceland is the perfect location for the most relevant Forum for women leaders. It’s the single destination that transcends both geographic and sector boundaries, creating a platform that fosters conversation between outstanding leaders.

  • Abdul-Rashid

    Abdul Rashid Shaibu

    Founder and Operations Manager, Dream Shapers Foundation

  • Adriana-Usmayo

    Adriana Usmayo Macedonio

    Alum, Running Start


    Albertína Friobjörg Elíasdóttir

    Member of Parliamament, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • 1

    Alessandra Galloni

    Global Managing Editor/News Planning and Creation, Thomson Reuters

  • 7-1

    Alexandra Tvircun

    Adviser to the Speaker of the Parliament, Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

  • Alexia-Sanchez

    Alexia Sanchez

    Alum, Running Start

  • Allison-EY

    Allison Dunne

    Project Manager, EY

  • Alyson

    Alyson Chocianowski

    Alum, Running Start

  • Amalya-Khachatryan

    Amalya Khachatryan

    Deputy Director of Advisory, Oxford Analytica

  • Amanda Ellis

    Amanda Ellis

    Executive Director, Arizona State University

  • Amanda

    Amanda Morrison

    Alum, Running Start

  • Ameenah Gurib Fakim

    Ameenah Gurib Fakim

    President, Presidency of Mauritius (2015-2018) – Member of the Council of Women World Leaders

  • Copy of TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (23)

    Anastasia Sideri

    External Communications Director CEE, Coca-Cola Hellas

  • Andrea

    Andrea Steinert

    President, Transatlantic Female Forum

  • Annet-Tarnakova

    Anett Tarnokova

    Senior Recruiter, McKinsey Design

  • Copy-of-TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-9

    Angela Baker

    Head of Corporate Responsibility, Qualcomm

  • KPMG

    Angelika Huber-Straßer

    Head of Corporates, KPMG Germany

  • 20-1

    Angeline Kumbirai Tongogara

    Member of the Parliament, Parliament of Zimbabwe

  • Anisha-Singh

    Anisha Singh

    Founding Partner, She Capital

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-35

    Anita Bhatia

    Deputy Executive Director, UN Women

  • Ann Cairns

    Ann Cairns

    Executive Vice Chair of Mastercard

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (74)

    Anna Hakobyan

    Wife of the Prime Minister of Armenia, My Step Charitable Foundation

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (49)

    Anna Kristin Palsdottir

    Cross-Industry Innovation Director, Marel

  • Anna

    Anna Wangenheim

    Member of the Parliament, Parliament of Greenland

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-28

    Anne Gfrerer

    Head of Communication, HypoVereinsbank

  • 3-1

    Anne Hetterich

    When Women Thrive, Mercer Limited

  • Captura de pantalla 2020-11-11 a las 13.28.31

    Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen

    CEO, Plan International

  • Anne-tamara

    Anne-Tamara Lorre

    Ambassador, Embassy of Canada to Iceland

  • Annika-Norlin

    Annika Norlin

    Head of Diversity & Inclusion, International Committee of the Red Cross

  • Anoosha-Shaigan

    Anoosha Shaigan

    Vice President, Courting The Law

  • Anthony-Onesto

    Anthony Onesto

    Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Ella Adventures

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (45)

    Ardiana Jaku

    Member of the Parliament, Parliament of Albania

  • Arielle-Ross

    Arielle Ross

    Alum, Running Start

  • Murunganant

    Arunachalam Muruganantham

    Founder, Jayaashree Industries

  • Ana-Lindestam

    Asa Lindestam

    First Deputy Speaker, Swedish Parliament, WPL Ambassador

  • Asdis-Bragadottir

    Asdis Bragadottir

    Founder, EVA consortium

  • Asta-R.-

    Ásta R. Jóhannesdóttir

    Former Speaker, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (47)


    Chairman of the Board, Marel

  • Atifete Jahjaga

    Atifete Jahjaga

    President of the Republic of Kosovo (2011-2016), Member of the Council of Women World Leaders

  • Aud-Lise-norheim

    Aud Lise Norheim

    Ambassador, Norwegian Embassy

  • Audelia-Guadalupe

    Audelia Guadalupe López Vásquez

    Deputy, Asamblea Legislativa El Salvador

  • Elva

    Auður Elva Jónsdóttir

    Director for Finance, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • Ghalla Bahiya

    Bahiya Ghalla

    Vice president of the regional council of dakhla O, The régional council

  • Bana Alabed

    Bana Alabed

    Young Activist and Author

  • Barbara Boxer

    Barbara Boxer

    Former Member of the Senate, Senate of the United States of America

  • Barrie

    Barri Rafferty

    Chief Executive Officer, Ketchum

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (69)

    Beata Gutman

    President and Founder, Grasshopper

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-2

    Beatriz Merino

    Executive President of the Cesar Vallejo University of Peru, Prime Minister of Peru (2003), National Ombudsman for Peru (2005 – 2011), Member of the Council of Women World Leaders

  • Bidemi Zakariyau

    Bidemi Zakariyau Akande

    Founder and CEO, LSF|PR

  • Bjarkey

    Bjarkey Gunnarsdóttir

    Member of Parliamament, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • 2

    Boma Goodhead

    Member of Congress, House of Representatives of Nigeria

  • Brie-Leskota

    Brie Loskota

    Executive Director, Center for Religion and Civic Culture, University of Southern California

  • Brooke

    Brooke Frewing

    Director, Legal & Compliance, Hitachi Vantara

  • Brindis

    Bryndis Haraldsdottir

    Member of Parliamament, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • Camelia-Ille

    Camelia Ille

    Dean of Executive Education, INCAE – Dean, Chair of Center for Collaborative & Women Leadership

  • Carla-Aerts

    Carla Aerts

    Director, Tmrw Insittute

  • Caroline-Gutman

    Caroline Gutman

    CEO, Nu Market

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-62

    Caroline Harper

    Head of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Overseas Development Institute

  • Executive Vice President, Chief of Staff - Centene Corporation

    Cary Hobbs

    Executive Vice President, Chief of Staff – Centene Corporation

  • 1-1

    Casey Dunning

    Director, Results and Learning

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-68

    Catherine Gotani Hara

    Catherine Gotani

  • Catherine

    Catherine Loughlin

    Associate Dean Research, Sobey School of Business

  • Catriona-Fallon-1

    Catriona Fallon

    Chief Financial Office, Hitachi Vantara

  • Celeste-Mergens

    Celeste Mergens

    Founder / CEO, Days for Girls International

  • Charlotte

    Charlotte Jónsdóttir Biering

    Women. Fast forward Co-Lead, EY

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (81)

    Charlotte Webb

    Co-founder, Feminist Internet

  • Chioma Agwuegbo

    Chioma Agwuegbo

    Founder, TechHerNG

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-33

    Christina McKelvie

    Minister for Older People and Equalities, Scottish Government

  • Christine-Heenan-1

    Christine Heenan

    Vice-President, The Rockefeller Foundation

  • Claire-Bowen-1

    Claire Bowen

    Alum, Running Start

  • Claire-Gaynor

    Claire Gaynor

    Design Director, Landor

  • 3

    Clare Barber

    Member of the House of Keys, Isle of Man Government

  • Claire Hutschinson

    Clare Hutchinson

    Special Representative for Women Peace and Security, NATO

  • Copy-of-TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-10

    Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe-Ghansah

    Deputy Minority WHIP, Parliament of Ghana

  • Courtney-Carson

    Courtney Carson

    Senior Manager, Policy & Advocacy, Women Deliver

  • Cristina-Ljungberg

    Cristina Ljungberg

    Co-founder, The Case for Her

  • Cristina-Torres

    Cristina Torres

    Online marketing manager, Cocorointim SL

  • Copy-of-TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-12

    Dagmar Stefansdottir

    Communication and Community Relation Manager, Alcoa Fjardaal

  • Dagur B. Eggertsson

    Dagur B. Eggertsson

    Mayor of Reykjavík, City of Reykjavik

  • Debbie

    Debbie Simpson

    Chief Financial Officier, Maple Leaf Foods

  • Deborah Gorman

    Deborah Gorman-Smith

    Dean, The University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration

  • 5

    Demet Mutlu

    Founder & CEO,

  • Diona-Hoxha

    Dhurata Hoxha

    Minister of European Integration, Kosovo

  • Diana-Sierra

    Diana Sierra

    CEO, Be Girl Inc

  • Dina Kaplan

    Dina Kaplan

    Founder, The Path

  • Disha-Shah

    Disha Shah

    Alum, Running Start

  • DJ-Forza

    DJ Forza

    Director of Partnerships and Collaboration, World YMCA

  • Donna-Leinwand-Leger

    Donna Leinwand Leger

    Digital Media Leader & Former Managing Editor of USA Today

  • Ebtesam

    Ebtisam MS AlDallal

    Member of the Majlis Al-Shura, Shura Council, WPL Ambassador

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (77)

    Edwin Dundas

    Country Coordinator, Humanity’s Team Sierra Leone

  • Elaine-Lo

    Elaine Lo

    Senior Partner, Jingtian & Gongcheng

  • 19-1

    Elaine Quijano

    CBSN Anchor, CBS News Digital

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (46)

    Elin Maria Bjornsdottir

    Global Learning and Development Manager, Marel

  • Elisabeth-Moses

    Elizabeth Moses

    Founder and Principal Advocate, AlphaZULU Advocates

  • Elke

    Elke Heitmüller

    Head of Diversity Management, Volkswagen AG

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (56)

    Ella Fallows

    Politics & Government Outreach Manager at Facebook

  • 6

    Elsa G. Borgarsdóttir

    CEO of Sætt og Salt chocolade

  • Elzbieta

    Elzbieta Lukacijewska

    Member of the European Parliament, European Parliament

  • Emily-Wilson

    Emily Wilson

    CEO, Irise International

  • Erica Ariel Fox

    Erica Ariel Fox

    CEO Advisor & Chief Thought Leader, Mobius Executive Leadership

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (61)

    Espérance Nyirasafari

    Vice President of the Senate, Senate of Rwanda

  • Copy-of-TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-7

    Eva Baumer

    Vice President, Corporate Engagement, Mastercard

  • photo_10546192

    Eva Dís Þórðardóttir

    Project Manager and Land Use Planner, EFLA Consulting Engineers

  • Eva-Marie-Carey

    Eva Marie Carney

    Founder & President,The Kwek Society

  • Eva Polio

    Eva Polío

    Co CEO, Cocorointim SL

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (55)

    Éva-Andrea Csep

    Member of the Parliament, Chamber of Deputies of Romania

  • 7

    Ewurama Appiagyei-Dankah

    #ILookLikeAPolitician Ambassador, Running Start

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (80)

    Fadia Dib

    Member of the Parliament, People’s Assembly of the Syrian Arab Republic

  • Fahiya-Rashid

    Fahiya Rashid

    Alum, Running Start

  • Copy of TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (22)

    Fatjona Dhimitri

    Member of the Parliament, Parliament of Albania

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (79)

    Fatma Oktem

    Member of the Parliament, Danish Parlament

  • Femke-Bartels

    Femke Bartels

    Global Managing Director and Partner, THNK School of Creative Leadership

  • Copy of TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (24)

    Fiona O’Loughlin

    Deputy, Parliament of Ireland

  • Gabriela

    Gabriela Podasca

    Member of the Parliament, Chamber of Deputies of Romania

  • Georgina Brett

    Georgina Brett

    Chief of Staff, The Reserve

  • Gerda-Larsson

    Gerda Larsson

    Co-Founder and Managing Director, The Case For Her

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-29

    Gertrude Mwanyanje

    Member of Parliment, Parliment of Kenya

  • Copy-of-TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-11

    Gifty Twum-Ampofo

    Deputy Minister For Education & MP, Parliament of Ghana, WPL Ambassador

  • Gina

    Gina Fedock

    Assistant Professor, The University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration

  • Gita-gopinath-e1565338319640

    Gita Gopinath

    Chief Economist, International Monetary Fund (IMF)

  • Gudmundu

    Gudmundur Thorbjornsson

    Managing Director, EFLA Consulting Engineers

  • Guðni Th Jóhannesson

    Guðni Th. Jóhannesson

    President of Iceland, Government of Iceland

  • 8

    Gudrun Agnarsdottir

    Medical doctor, Icefemin

  • Gunder-Scherf

    Gundbert Scherf

    McKinsey & Company

  • Gwen Young

    Gwen Young

    Managing Director of the Global Emergency Response Coalition and Distinguished Fellow, The Wilson Center

  • Sandrah-Halimah

    Halimah Sanda

    Founder/CEO, ROMZAIB Foundation

  • Halldora Mogensen

    Member of Parliamament, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • Hanna Katrín Friðriksson

    Member of Parliamament, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • Dalmut

    Hanne Dalmut

    Director, Partnership Development, Concordia

  • Hanne-Elisabeth-Rasmussen

    Hanne Elisabeth Rasmussen

    Head of knowledge Center, Fondenes Videnscenter

  • Helen-nilsso

    Helén Nilsson

    Director, Nordic Council of Ministers office in Lithuania

  • 17-1

    Hendrikka Waage

    CEO, Hendrikka Waage

  • photo_10631691.jpg Herdis

    Herdís Fjeldsted

    Chairwoman, Valitor

  • hilytuf_blue

    Hiltrud Dorothea Werner

    Member of the Board of Management, Integrity and Legal affairs, Volkswagen AG

  • Iliana-Tsnova

    Iliyana Tsanova

    Deputy Managing Director, European investment bank

  • Inga Saeland_2022 RGF

    Inga Sæland

    Member of Parliamament, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • Irma-Erlingsdottir

    Irma Erlingsdottir

    Director, Associate Professor, University of Iceland

  • Jackie Hunt

    Jackie Hunt

    Member of the Board of Management, Asset Management, US Life Insurance, Allianz SE

  • Janah Ncube

    Janah Ncube

    Global Campaigns Director, Crisis Action, Kenya

  • Jane Geraghty

    Jane Geraghty

    Chief Executive Officer, Landor

  • 9

    Jane Poole-Wilson

    Member of the House of Keys, Isle of Man Government

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-67

    Jean Sendeza

    Member of Parliament, Parliament of Malawi

  • Jennie

    Jennie Gustafsson

    Youth Delegate, Plan International

  • Jennifer-Hauseman

    Jennifer Hauseman

    Director, ICRC

  • 6-1

    Jennifer Leser

    Executive Assistant, CBS Interactive

  • Jessica-Rolland

    Jessica Roland

    Senior Associate, Policy and Advocacy, Women Deliver

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (57)

    Joanna Santinon

    Partner, EY

  • Jodie-Williams

    Jody Williams

    Chair , Nobel Women’s Initiative

  • 5-1

    Jon McGlinchy

    Senior Producer, CBSN/CBS News

  • Captura de pantalla 2020-11-02 a las 17.12.49

    Julia Gillard

    Chair, Global Institute for Women’s Leadership, King’s College; Prime Minister of Australia (2010-2013); Member of the Council of Women World Leaders

  • Julia-Simon

    Julia Simon

    Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary, Mary Kay Inc.

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (71)

    Julie Katsuak Lussier

    Student, Kativik Ilisarnilirniq

  • Julienne

    Julienne Lusenge Maliyabwaba

    Directrice, Fonds pour les femmes congolaises

  • Copy-of-TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-8

    Kara Condon

    Communications Manager, Mastercard

  • 18-1

    Karidia Zongo-Yanogo

    6th vice-president, National Assembly of Burkina Faso

  • Copy of Copy of Copy of WLGF_Metallic filter_397x394

    Karina Chi

    Co-founder & Chief Policy Officer, Menstrual Health Hub (MH hub)

  • Copy-of-TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-1

    Katharina Miller

    President, European Women Lawyers Association

  • Katinka Brose

    Katinka Brose

    Senior Strategy Agent, FPI Fair Pay Innovation Lab gGmbH

  • K.jakobsdottir

    Katrín Jakobsdóttir

    Prime Minister of Iceland, Government of Iceland – Member of The Council of Women World Leaders

  • Katrin-Olga

    Katrin Olga Johannesdottir

    Chair, Iceland Chamber of Commerce

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (48)

    Katrin Yr Magnusdottir

    Operations Manager Commercial, Marel

  • Khonaf

    Khonaf Kako

    Youth Delegate, Plan International

  • Copy-of-TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-20

    Kinga Bara

    Attaché, European Court of Auditors

  • Captura de pantalla 2020-11-02 a las 17.19.58

    Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic

    4th President of Croatia (2015-2020); WPL Ambassador for Immunization, Chair Emerita, Council of Women World Leaders (2019-2020)

  • Kristian

    Kristian Isaksson

    Youth Engagement Officer, Plan International Sweden

  • Kwiri

    Kwiri Yang

    Founder/CEO, LifeGyde

  • Laida-Memba

    Laida Memba Ikuga

    Co-founder and Sustainability Manager, Cocorointim SL

  • Lana-Popovic

    Lana Popovic

    Central & Eastern Europe Bu President, The Coca-Cola Company

  • 16-1

    Lara Smith

    Chief of Staff, Millennium Challenge Corporation

  • Larissa

    Larissa Kennedy

    Youth Delegate, Plan International

  • Latifah

    Latifah M.Daud

    Executive Director, Strategic Human Capital Mgmt, Khazanah Nasional Berhad

  • Laura Liswood

    Laura Liswood

    Secretary General, The Council of Women World Leaders

  • 12

    Lee Koon Tan

    State Minister, Parliament of Malaysia

  • 13

    Leena Patel

    Global Brand Platforms Lead, Deloitte

  • lena

    Lena Nazaryan

    Vice President, National Assembly of Armenia, WPL Ambassador

  • Lilja-Rafney-1

    Lilja Rafney Magnúsdóttir

    Member of Parliamament, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • Copy-of-TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-14

    Lima Courtenay

    Partner, Latham & Watkins

  • Linda

    Linda Ugianugwuye

    First Lady and Wife of the Executive Governor, Government of Cross River State Nigeria

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (78)

    Liz Schuelke

    German Chancellor Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

  • Loren

    Loren Mayor

    President, Operations, National Public Radio (NPR)

  • Ludovic

    Ludovic Subran

    Chief Economist, Allianz

  • Mabel Memory Chinomona

    President of the Senate, Parliament of Zimbabwe, WPL Ambassador

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (70)

    Madeline Yaaka

    Student, Kativik Iliisarnilirniq

  • Maike-Roettger

    Maike Roettger

    CEO, Plan International Deutschland e.V.

  • 15

    Maimuna Lamin

    President, National Women Congress

  • Malak

    Malak Azmirly

    Youth Delegate, Plan International

  • Brutus

    Mama Cax

    Model/Advocate, JAG Models

  • Copy of TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (22)

    Mane Tandilyan

    Member of the National Assembly of Armenia, Chair of Financial Credit and Budget Standing Committee, WPL Ambassador for Advocacy of #GIRL2LEADER.

  • 16

    Manette Snow

    Vice President Human Resources, Ball Beverage Packaging

  • Mara-Gabuan

    Mara Gubuan

    Founder, Equality League

  • 17

    Margaret Liheeri Ndenga

    Senior Parliamentary Officer, Senate of the Republic of Kenya

  • María Ósk Kristmundsdóttir

    María Ósk Kristmundsdóttir

    Continuous Improvement and Technology Manager, Alcoa Fjarðaál

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-34

    Maria Ressa

    Co-founder and CEO of Rappler

  • Mariam-Jalabi

    Mariam Jalabi

    Head of knowledge Center, Fondenes Videnscenter

  • 4-1

    Mariam Omira Solaimankhil

    Member of Wolesi Jirga, National Assembly of Afghanistan

  • 18

    Mariama Touray

    President, Women Leader Association

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (75)

    Mariana de la Roche

    Co-founder & Chief Policy Officer, Menstrual Health Hub (MH hub)

  • Marni-Sommer

    Marni Sommer

    President, Grow & Know, Inc.

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-65

    Marsha Cooke

    Senior Vice President, Impact, VICE Media

  • 13-1

    Martha Marwa

    National Disciplinary Committee Member, Amani National Congress Party

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (72)

    Martina Nee

    Equality and Inclusion Advisor, WaterAid

  • Maryse-Geaudrault

    Maryse Gaudreault

    Vice President, President of the Network of Women Parliamentarians, National Assembly of Quebec

  • Meghan

    Meghan Fennell

    Senior Manager, Deloitte

  • Meredith

    Meredith Gonsalves

    Global Social Media Manager, Deloitte

  • Michael

    Michael Green

    CEO, Social Progress Imperative

  • deloitte

    Michele Parmelee

    Deloitte Global Chief People and Purpose Officer

  • Michelle-Harrison

    Michelle Harrison

    Global CEO, Public Division and CEO, WPP Government Practice, Kantar

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-63

    Michelle Mulherin

    Senator, Irish Parliament

  • 14-1

    Mildret Reason Dube

    Member of the Parliament, Parliament of Zimbabwe

  • 19

    Millicent Nyaboke Omanga

    Senator, Parliament of Kenya

  • Millie

    Millie Odhiambo

    Member of Parliament, Suba North Constituency, Kenya National Assembly

  • 12-1

    Mina Mashayekhi

    Senior Advisor, RockCreek

  • Mohammad

    Mohamed Alami Berrada

    Counselor of Head of Government, Government of Morocco

  • Monica-DeNeale

    Monica DeNeale

    VP General Counsel, Hitachi Vantara

  • Naina Subberwal

    Naina Subberwal

    Chairperson & CEO, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network Limited

  • Natalie-Deacon

    Natalie Deacon

    Director Corporate Affairs, Avon

  • Natalia

    Nataliia Korolevska

    Member of Parliament of Ukraine, The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394

    Naye A. Bathily

    Head, Global Parliamentary Engagement, The World Bank Group

  • G-Thao-Ngao

    Ngoc Thao Do

    Acting Executive Director, WoMena

  • Nguluwe

    Nguluwe Msoffe Chisomo

    Founder, Ottawa’s Homeless Period

  • Nicola Reindorp

    Nicola Reindorp

    Deputy Executive Director, Crisis Action

  • Nina-B

    Nina Bernarding

    Co-Director, Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

  • Nina-Rawal

    Nina Rawal

    Founder, Emerging Health Ventures

  • Copy-of-TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-16

    Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda

    Chief Executive, Rozaria Memorial Trust

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-45

    Oana Toiu

    Former State Secretary, PLUS Party

  • Katryn

    Oby Ezekwesili

    Economic and Policy Expert / Senior Economic Adviser, AEDPI; World Bank Vice President, Africa Region (2007-2012)

  • 10-1

    Oliver Trumble

    Global Partnerships Manager, Plan International

  • Olof

    Ólöf Þórarinsdóttir

    Director of Management, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • Paige-L.-Moore

    Paige L. Moore

    Alum, Running Start

  • Pamel Thomson-Hall

    Pamela Thomson-Hall

    Head of CEEMEA, Managing Director – International, Willis Towers Watson

  • Daley

    Patricia Daley

    Canada Diversity & Inclusion Leader, Deloitte

  • Patricia Deyton

    Patricia Deyton

    Senior Advisor and Former Executive Director of the Council of Women World Leaders

  • Patricia Milligan

    Patricia Milligan

    Senior Partner and Global Leader of When Women Thrive and Multinational Client Group, Mercer

  • Patricia-Pelton

    Patricia Pelton

    President, World YMCA

  • Patricia Rey

    Patricia Rey

    Head of Strategic Communications, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

  • Patricia-Valdivieso

    Patricia Valdivieso

    Member of Parliament – Secretary of Board of Direct, Legislative Assembly of El Salvador

  • Paula-Cox

    Paula Cox

    Premier of Bermuda (2010-2012) – Member of The Council of Women World Leaders

  • Eileen

    Petra Eileen Lichtenau

    Head of Coms/Corporates, KPMG AG

  • 20

    Petronila Night Were Lokorio

    Senator, Parliament of Kenya

  • Evarsdottir

    Pórhildur Sunna Ævarsdóttir

    Member of Parliamament, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • Ragna

    Ragna Árnadóttir

    Secretary General, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • Copy-of-TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-15

    Randall Tucker

    Chief Inclusion Officer, Mastercard

  • ragita


    Associate Dean of International Affairs at University of Pennsylvania Law School

  • Ranjana Kumari

    Ranjana Kumari

    Executive Director, Centre For Social Research

  • Rebeca Gyumi

    Rebeca Gyumi

    Executive Director, Msichana Initiative Organization

  • Rebecca-lyons

    Rebecca Lyons

    Client Director, Landor

  • Renée McKaskle

    Renée Lahti

    SVP, Chief Information Officer – Hitachi Vantara

  • Rhea Maumdar Singhal


    CEO & Founder, Ecoware

  • Rita

    Rita Singh

    Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

  • pinotti

    Roberta Pinotti

    Senator, Italian Senate of the Republic, WPL Ambassador

  • Rosa-Bork

    Rósa Björk Brynjólfsdóttir

    Member of Parliamament, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-66

    Roseby Gadama

    Member of Parliament, Parliament of Malawi

  • Rukhsana-Zuberi

    Rukhsana Zuberi

    Senator, Senate of Pakistan

  • Rusnah

    Rusnah Aluai

    Member of Parliament, Parliament of Malaysia

  • salome

    Salome Þorkelsdóttir

    Former Speaker, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • Sam-Mazloum

    Sam Mazloum

    Vice President, Public Affairs, Office of Vice Chairman, Mastercard

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-32

    Samina Saeed

    Senator, Senate of Pakistan

  • TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-23-1

    Sandie Okoro

    Senior Vice President and World Bank Group General Counsel

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (60)

    Sandra Ajaja

    Executive Director, Fempower Africa

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (76)

    Sandy Kervin

    CEO, Jarrah House

  • Sara-reef

    Sara Reef

    Lead, External Affairs, Millennium Challenge Corporation

  • Sarah-Adwoa-Safo

    Sarah Adwoa Safo

    Deputy Majority Leader & Minister for Procurement, Parliament of Ghana

  • sarah

    Sarah Schlitz

    MP, Belgian House of Representatives

  • 22

    Sarala Yadav

    Member of Parliament, Federal Parliament of Nepal

  • sawyer-garrity-1

    Sawyer Garrity

    Singer and Student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

  • 23

    Sebastian Navarro

    Secretary General, CC35

  • Serena-Saunders

    Serena Saunders

    Alum, Running Start

  • Shannon-Klinger

    Shannon Thyme Klinger

    Group General Counsel of Novartis, Novartis International AG

  • Sharifa-Al-Yahyai

    Sharifa Al-Yahyai

    Former Minister of Social Development, Sultanate of Oman

  • Shelly-Batra

    Shelly Batra

    Co-founder and President, Operations ASHA

  • Shevaun Haviland (1)

    Shevaun Haviland

    Deputy Director, Business Partnerships Team & Government Communications Service Local Team

  • Shireen-Mazari

    Shireen Mehrunnisa Mazari

    Federal Minister for Human Rights, National Assembly of Pakistan

  • Mukerji-Shobhini

    Shobhini Mukerji

    Executive Director, Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), South Asia

  • Sifirah

    Sifirah Wanjiru Kefah

    Country Director, Huru International

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (52)

    Sigríður Á. Andersen

    Member of Parliamament, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (50)

    Sigridur Ingadottir

    Chief Economist, BSRB

  • Sihame Arbib

    Sihame Arbib

    CEO, Victory capital

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (53)

    Silja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir

    Member of Parliamament, Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • Sonja-Birnbaum

    Sonja Birnbaum

    Interim Head of Executive Office, Plan International

  • Sophia-1

    Sophia Grinvalds

    Founder/Director, AFRIpads

  • Stefania G. Halldorsdottir

    Stefanía Guðrún Halldórsdóttir

    EVP Marketing and Business Development, Landsvirkjun the National Power Company of Iceland

  • Steingrímur J Sigfússon

    Steingrímur J. Sigfússon

    Speaker of the Althingi, Parliament of Iceland

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (45)

    Steinunn Sigurbjornsdottir

    Director of Change Management, Valitor

  • Stella-Samuelsdottir

    Stella Samuelsdottir

    Executive Director, UN Iceland

  • dubois

    Stephane Dubois

    Manager, Gender and Growth Initiative, Chatham House

  • Stephanie-Cox

    Stephanie Cox

    Former Member of Parliament, Austrian Parliament

  • 24

    Stine Sørensen

    Co-founder & COO, Radiobotics

  • 8-1

    Sunna Dora Einarsdottir

    CFO and Partner, Deloitte

  • Taiwo

    Taiwo Oluga

    Member of Parliament, National Assembly of Nigeria

  • Copy-of-TEST_Metallic-filter_397x394-17

    Tala Al Jabri

    Investor, SoftBank Vision Fund

  • Taryn Mook

    Taryn Mook

    Group Chief Operating Officer, Bonsey Jaden

  • 2-1

    Tatiana Cunetchi

    Deputy Chairwoman of the Standing Committee, Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

  • photo_10652283

    Tatjana Latinovic

    Chairperson, Icelandic Women’s Rights Association

  • Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

    Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO)

  • Tillie

    Tillie Martinussen

    Member of the Parliament, Inatsisartut

  • Trine-Angeline-Sig

    Trine Angeline Sig

    Managing Director & Co-founder of Real Relief, Co-Founder of Global Campaign: Period Pride – Keep Our Girls In School

  • Trinitas-Kunashe

    Trinitas Kunashe

    Chief Executive Officer, Tina Pads social enterprise

  • Tuni-John-Asaolu

    Tunji John Asaoku

    Nigerian Representative, African Union Economic Social and Cultural Council

  • tuula-haatainen-1

    Tuula Haatainen

    First Deputy Speaker, Parliament of Finland

  • Uila Tørnæs

    Ulla Tørnæs

    Member, Parliament of Denmark

  • Uzra Zeya

    Uzra Zeya

    President and CEO, The Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP)

  • vanessa-grant

    Vanessa Grant

    Global Shapers, Global Shapers Community

  • Verlaina

    Verlaine-Diane Soobroydoo

    Policy Adviser on Women, Peace and Security Coordinator | African Women Leaders Network

  • Veronica

    Verónica Delgadillo García

    Senator, Senate of México, WPL Ambassador

  • Veronika

    Veronika Bendere

    European Communications Director, MSD

  • Copy of TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (1)

    Victoria Budson

    Executive Director of the Women and Public Policy Program, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

  • Vidisha

    Vidisha Mishra

    Research Fellow, Weizenbaum Institute

  • Viviane Teitelbaum

    Viviane Teitelbaum

    Member, Brussels Regional Parliament; Vice-President, Francophone Parliament, Brussels; President, Feminist Observatory of Violence against Women

  • Wen

    Wen Zhao

    Member of Secretariat, All-China Women’s Federation

  • Wendy-Anderson

    Wendy Anderson

    Co-Founder and Partner, The Case For Her

  • Pordis Kolbrun

    Þórdís Kolbrún Gylfadóttir

    Minister of Tourism, Industry and Innovation, Ministry of Industries and Innovation of Iceland


The Reykjavík Global Forum took place in Reykjavik, Iceland, over a three-day-period 18-20 November 2019. Its primary venue was Harpa, Concert Hall and Conference Centre.

Programme highlights
Monday, November 18th
  • Discover Iceland
  • Leaders Lunches (Various Venues)
  • Hosted by Capacent: Using design and humour to transform the work place - Kill it with kindess
  • Hosted by Marel: Unconscious bias - unleashing potential
  • Registration & Badge Collection
  • Welcome Reception, Hosted by Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, President of Iceland
  • Celebrating Creativity: Co-hosted by the City of the Reykjavík
Tuesday, November 19th
  • Rise & Prepare to Shine
  • Welcome to the Champion of Equality Between Women and Men
  • Welcome to the Community of Actions
  • Setting the Scene
  • Lessons of Leadership
  • Leaderstalks (Various Venues)
  • The Women, Peace and Security Agenda - a platform for transformative change
  • Fact vs. Fiction: How to Earn Credibility in the Misinformation Era
  • Today's modern families require a modern workplace
  • The Transforming Business of Belonging
  • Creative approaches to tackling bias with technology
  • Striving for Zero - How companies eliminate the pay gap between women and men
  • Resilience
  • Jumping Hurdles and Shattering Glass: The Pathways of Successful Women Leaders
  • How Can "Girls Get Equal?": Gender Transformative Power and Representation
  • The (she) chief of the Reykjavík police - a success story of female empowerment and ending the macho work culture
  • Sustainability in the transport sector
  • Revitalise & Recharge
  • Revitalise & Recharge Meditation
  • Powering Up
  • Leaders Lunches (Various Venues)
  • Hosted by Allianz. Anti-capitalism is on the rise, reputation of big business is under siege.
  • Hosted by Avon. Stand4her
  • Hosted by Concordia:. Partnership Best Practices Networking Luncheon
  • Hosted by Mercer. Driving equality in the workplace: Real solutions to the persistent state of inequality
  • Hosted by the Embassy of China. Women, Half The Sky
  • Hosted by Freshdields. Reducing Poverty through girls' empowerment
  • Hosted by KPMG. New markets, new powers - How female leaders are shaping the business world in the 21st century
  • Power, Together: A Message from the Cloud
  • Generation Equality
  • The Power of Turning Grief Into Action
  • Generation Disrupted: Earning Trust, Finding Meaning & Building Skills
  • The Reykjavík Index: Update
  • Acting on the Evidence: Confronting Society's prejudice towards Female Leadership
  • Energy Boosting Break
  • Meditation Moment
  • Is Digital a Yellow Click Road to a New Business OZ?
  • The Power of Hope
  • Peace is not for the Faint of Heart
  • Community of Actions Reception
  • National Delegation Responses to the UN Women Call to Action
  • Power, Together. Partnerships (By invitation only)
  • Social Media Training
  • CWWL in cooperation with Vero?ld, House of Vigdi?s hosts a Panel Discussion on: Women, Leadership and the Sustainability of Languages and Cultures
Wednesday, November 20th
  • Revitalise & Recharge
  • Revitalise & Recharge Meditation
  • Meditation Moment
  • Rise & Prepare to Shine
  • Gender Based Violence: The Cost of Inaction and the Opportunities for Action
  • Invest Smarter, Live Healthier
  • The Power of Overcoming Fear
  • Changemaking to "Live Happily Ever After"
  • LeadersTalks (Various Venues)
  • Menstruation Matters: Period.
  • Developing Future Superheroes in STEM and beyond
  • Blazing New Trails: Boosting Women's Entrepreneurship
  • Think Global Ageing Is a Problem? Think Again!
  • Power, Together: New models of collaboration protecting people from war
  • The Icelandic Story - How Women Changed the Political Landscape
  • Index to Action to Impact
  • Prison Reform in a Global Context
  • Power Together: Reykjavík Summit at Höfði House
  • Powering Up
  • Leaders Lunch
  • Power, Together: Community of Actions
  • Journalism and Society: Politics, Press & Platforms
  • The Power of Self-Love
  • Moving Mountains, Cleaning Oceans
  • Energy Boosting Break
  • Leadership: Staying Positive Through Thick and Thin
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Closing Remarks
  • The Power Experience


LeadersTalks are impactful sessions hosted by a partner focusing on forward-looking discussions.

LeadersTalks are the place where every Conversationist has the opportunity to contribute with personal ideas and experience. With the participation of a group of 20-60 Conversationists, they run for 75 minutes and happen simultaneously each day during the Reykjavík Global Forum

Proposals for LeadersTalks 2020 will be accepted from May 1st until September 1st, 2020

LeadersTalks 2019 were hosted by the following partners

image description

2020 Forum Report

The Reykjavík Global Forum 2020 Report


image description

2019 Forum Report

The Reykjavík Global Forum 2019 Report


image description

2018 Women Leaders Global Forum

2018 Conversationists included
  • AA

    Abeba Tesfai

    Director, Women Economic Empowerment & Marketing at Enat Bank

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (41)

    Abeer Seikaly

    Artist, Architect, Cultural Producer

  • Abosede Alimi, Co-founder, ElectHER

    Abosede Alimi

    Co-Founder, ElectHER

  • Adea Roka_2022 RGF

    Adea Roka

    Director, Culture, Youth and Sport, Municipality of Gjakova, Kosovo

  • Adenike Oladosu

    Adenike Oladosu

    Climate Activist

  • Aderinto Opeyemi Marcellina

    Aderinto Opeyemi Marcellina

    Special Adviser on Women & Children, African Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council

  • uc

    Adriana Mano

    Founder and CEO, Zouri

  • O

    Adriana Rozo-Angulo

    President & Co-Founder, MAS Connections

  • Adriana

    Adriana Sierra Leal

    Refugee Livelihoods and Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Officer, ILO

  • Afke Schaart

    Afke Schaart

    Senior Vice President and Head of Global Impact, Huawei

  • KU

    Afsaneh Beschloss

    Founder & CEO, RockCreek

  • Afsaneh Mashayekhi

    Afsaneh Mashayekhi Beschloss

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer, RockCreek

  • Af?in Yurdakul Journalist and News Anchor, Habertürk News Network

    Afsin Yurdakul

    Journalist and News Anchor, Habertürk News Network

  • Agata Jakoncic

    Agata Jakoncic

    Managing Director, MSD Greece, Cyprus, and Malta

  • uc

    Agnes Ameede

    Member of Parliament, Uganda

  • O (9)

    Agnes Binagwaho

    Vice Chancellor, University of Global Health Equity

  • Jennifer Arias (6)

    Ágnes Vadai

    Member, Hungarian National Assembly

  • Agnes Zani Member of the Senate, The Senate of the Parliament of Kenya

    Agnes Zani

    Member of the Senate, Senate of the Parliament, Kenya

  • Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bak

    Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bak

    Member of Parliament, Sejm, Republic of Poland

  • uc

    Agnieszka Pomaska

    Member of Parliament, Sejm, Republic of Poland

  • Agostina Pechi

    Agostina Pechi

    Managing Director, Head of EM and Commodities Local Sales and Latin America Structured Credit Sales, Goldman Sachs & Co.

  • Agostina Pechi

    Agostina Pechi

    Managing Director, Goldman Sachs and Co. and Head of EM, Latin America

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (31)

    Ailish Campbell

    Ambassador Designate of Canada to the European Union, Global Affairs Canada

  • Captura de pantalla 2020-11-09 a las 10.55.47

    Aimee Gonzales

    Executive Director, PEMSEA

  • uc

    Akiko Horiba

    Senior Program Officer, Sasakawa Peace Foundation

  • Screenshot 2022-10-13 at 11.08.02

    Alba Gavaliugov Méndez

    President & Founder, The Spanish Alliance of Model United Nations

  • Alenka Jeraj Member of Parliament, National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia

    Alenka Jeraj

    Member of Parliament, National Assembly, Republic of Slovenia

  • Alex Reid _CEO, Reid Strategies

    Alex Reid

    CEO, Reid Strategies

  • Alexandra Abreu

    Alexandra Abreu Loureiro

    Senior Advisor, Brunswick Group GmbH

  • Alexandra Brzozowski

    Alexandra Brzozowski

    Global Europe & Defence Editor, EURACTIV

  • Alexandra Rogan

    Alexandra Rogan

    Managing Director, Teneo Intelligence

  • Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 2.27.15 PM

    Álfheiður Ágústsdóttir

    CEO, Elkem

  • Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 2.38.16 PM

    Álfheiður Ingadóttir

    Minister of Health, Iceland (2009-2010)

  • Alia Bojilova Partner, PPG and Movac

    Alia Bojilova

    Partner, PPG and Movac

  • Studyshots Photography for the Education Sector

    Alice Gast

    President, Imperial College London

  • Alice Macdonald

    Alice Macdonald

    Campaigns Director, Project Everyone

  • Alice Maillot_2022 RGF

    Alice Maillot

    Strategic Advisor, International Committee of the Red Cross

  • Alina Kessel

    Alina Kessel

    President and CEO, Team P&G at WPP


    Alise Marshall

    Global Head of Public Affairs & Engagement, Pinterest

  • Alison holder (2)

    Alison Holder

    Director, Equal Measures 2030

  • Alison Holder Director, Equal Measures 2030

    Alison Holder

    Director, Equal Measures 2030

  • Alison Jawetz

    Alison Jawetz

    Senior Policy Analyst,Center for the Study of Social Policy

  • uc

    Aliya Hamza Malik

    Member, National Assembly, Pakistan

  • Allison Summers Executive Director, Zonta International

    Allison Summers

    Executive Director, Zonta International

  • Manira Alva

    Alva Manira

    Vice President for Political and Civic Engagement, Vital Voices Global Partnership

  • uc

    Alyse Nelson

    President and CEO, Vital Voices Global Partnership

  • Amanda Austin Head, Policy and Advocacy, Equal Measures 2030

    Amanda Austin

    Head, Policy and Advocacy, Equal Measures 2030

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (66)

    Amanda Austin

    Head of Policy and Advocacy, Equal Measures 2030

  • Captura de pantalla 2020-11-11 a las 11.46.59

    Amanda Bok

    CEO, European Hemophilia Consortium

  • uc

    Amanda Bok

    CEO, EHC

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (85)

    Amanda Ellis

    Executive Director Hawaii & Asia-Pacific, Senior Sustainability Scholar, ASU Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability

  • image001_2022 RGF

    Amanda Ellis

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (30)

    Amanda Nguyen

    CEO and Founder, Rise

  • Jennifer Arias (3)

    Amani Aruri

    Member, Generation Equality Youth Task Force

  • Ameenah Gurib-Fakim President, Mauritius, (2015-2018), Government of Mauritius

    Ameenah Gurib-Fakim

    President, Mauritius, (2015-2018)

  • Captura de pantalla 2020-11-05 a las 14.08.58

    Ameenah Gurib-Fakim

    President of Mauritius (2015-2018), Member, Council of Women World Leaders (CWWL)

  • Megan Fallone (1)

    Amelia Lopez Huix

    CEO, MOH International

  • Amie Batson

    Amie Batson

    Executive Director, WomenLift Health

  • Marilou Mcphedran (2)

    Amina J. Mohammed

    Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations

  • Captura de pantalla 2020-11-06 a las 10.24.29

    Aminata Touré

    President of Economic Council (2019-2020), Prime Minister (2013-2014), Minister of Justice Attorney General (2012-2013), Senegal; Member of the Council of Women World Leaders

  • Amna Ahmad_2022 RGF

    Amna Ahmad

  • Amy Lenander

    Amy Lenander

    CEO, Capital One

  • TEST_Metallic filter_397x394 (60)

    Amy Weaver

    President, Chief Legal Officer, Salesforce


    An Capoen

    Member of Belgian House of Representatives and WPL Ambassador

  • Jennifer Arias (14)

    An Capoen

    Member, House of Representatives of Belgium (2014-2019)

  • duvall

    Ana Birchall

    Deputy Prime Minister of Romania

  • Ana Maria Costa Freitas

    Ana Maria Costa Freitas

    Rector, University of Évora

  • Ana Maria Pastor Julian

    Ana Maria Pastor Julian

    Second Deputy Speaker of the Bureau, Congress of Deputies

  • Ana Nacvlishvili

    Ana Nacvlishvili

    Member of Parliament, Georgia

  • Anda ?akša_Metallic filter_397x394

    Anda Cakša

    Member of Parliament, Saeima

  • Armani, Andrea

    Andrea Armani

    Professor, University of Southern California

  • Andrea Grobocopatel

    Andrea Grobocopatel

    Co-Chair, W20 Argentina

  • Andrea I. Razzaghi Senior Executive, NASA

    Andrea I. Razzaghi

    Senior Executive, NASA

  • Andrea-Razzagni

    Andrea Razzaghi

    Deputy Director, NASA Management Office of JPL, NASA

  • Andrea Wilson

    Andrea Wilson

    Equality activist, Women’s Equality Party

  • Andrea Wilson_2022 RGF

    Andrea Wilson

  • andreja

    Andreja Zabret

    Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia

  • Angelica Sirotin

    Angelica Sirotin

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sirotin Ventures

  • Angelina Helen Tan

    Angelina Helen Tan

    Governor of Quezon province,Philippines

  • Angelique de Vries - Schipperijn

    Angelique de Vries-Schipperijn

    EVP and CEO Northern Europe, Salesforce

  • Captura de pantalla 2020-11-03 a las 16.15.35

    Angélique Kidjo

    Singer-Songwriter, Goodwill Ambassador, UNICEF

  • Angellica Aribam

    Angellica Aribam

    Founder, CEO, Femme First Foundation

  • Captura de pantalla 2020-11-04 a las 13.00.58

    Anika Jane Dorothy

    Convener, Young Women in Political Parties Leadership KE; East Africa Coordinator, Amplify Girls

  • Anima Anandkumar

    Anima Anandkumar

    Director, Artificial Intelligence Research and Professor, NVIDIA and Caltech

  • Anino Emuwa

    Anino Emuwa

    Founder and Managing Director, Avandis Consulting; Founder, PayAnalytics

  • Aniqa Nawabi

    Aniqa Nawabi

    Executive Director, Muslim Community Network

  • anisha

    Anisha Singh

    Founding Partner, She Capital

  • asina

    Anisia Karlo Achieng Olworo

    Member of the National Legislative Assembly of the Republic of South Suda

  • Anita Afia Amofah VICE PRESIDENT, Queenmothers Foundation of Ghana

    Anita Afia Amofah

    Vice President, Queenmothers Foundation of Ghana

  • Anita Erskine1 BATCH 16.8.-21.9.2022

    Anita Erskine

    CEO and Principal Creative, Anita Erskine Media

  • ann

    Ann Cairns

    Executive Vice Chair of Mastercard

  • Ann Cairns

    Ann Cairns

    Executive Vice Chair, Mastercard

  • uc

    Ann Florini

    Professor, Arizona State University (ASU)

  • Ann Warner

    Ann Warner

    CEO, Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network

  • Anna Dorangricchia_2022 RGF

    Anna Dorangricchia

  • Anna Dorangricchia

    Anna Dorangricchia

    Programme Manager Gender Equality, Union for the Mediterranean

  • Anna fiscale

    Anna Fiscale

    Founder and President, Progetto Quid

  • Captura de pantalla 2020-11-10 a las 12.43.26

    Anna Konig Jerlmyr

    Mayor, Stockholm

  • Anna Kostanyan

    Anna Kostanyan

    Member, National Assembly, Republic of Armenia

  • Anna Kristín Kristjánsdóttif Executive Board Director and Owner, Hvíta húsið

    Anna Kristín Kristjánsdóttif

    Executive Board Director and Owner, Hvíta húsið

  • Captura de pantalla 2020-11-04 a las 14.55.09

    Anna Sophie Herken

    Business Division Head, Allianz Asset Management GmbH; Member, Board of Allianz Life (USA); Member, Board of CPIC Fund Management Co. Ltd. (China)

  • Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 12.07.01 PM

    Anna Zaleski Mori

    Partnerships and Project Manager, (UN/WTO) ITC

  • tamara

    Anne Tamara-Lorre

    Canadian Ambassador to Iceland

  • Anne-Laure Gaffuri Media Officer, EIB

    Anne-Laure Gaffuri

    Media Officer, EIB

  • Jennifer Arias (13)

    Anne-Tamara Lorre

    Ambassador, Embassy of Canada to Iceland

  • Exif_JPEG_420

    Annie Kapandula Kalamatila

    Mayor, Lufwanyama Town Council, Zambia

  • Annita Demetriou (2)

    Annita Demetriou

    Member of the House of Representatives of Cyprus, WPL Ambassador

  • ???????? ??? ?????? ??? ??????????

    Annita Demetriou

    President, House of Representatives, Cyprus; WPL Country Ambassador, Cyprus

  • Anoosha Shaigan

    Anoosha Shaigan

    Vice President, Courting The Law

  • eeeee

    Anoosha Shaigan

    Vice President, Courting The Law

  • Photo Anouk2_2022 RGF

    Anouk Heilen

    Head of Global Sustainability, Equity and Social Inclusion, Unilever

  • antonia

    Antónia Mészáros

    Executive Director, UNICEF Hungary

  • Anu Bhardwaj_2022 RGF

    Anu Bhardwaj

  • Captura de pantalla 2020-11-05 a las 14.19.05

    Anu Bradford

    Henry L. Moses Professor of Law and International Organization, Columbia Law School

  • Captura de pantalla 2020-11-09 a las 12.43.50

    Anuradha Gupta

    Deputy CEO, Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance

  • uc

    Aparna Piramal Raje

    Columnist and Writer, HT Media

  • Apiorkor Ashong-Abbey

    Apiorkor Ashong-Abbey

    Production Executive, Citi FM; Poet

  • April Rinne Founder and Chief Change Navigator, April Worldwide

    April Rinne

    Founder and Chief Change Navigator, April Worldwide

  • arancha

    Arancha González Laya

    Minister, Foreign Affairs (2020-2021), Assistant Secretary-General, UN (2013-2021), Member, GWL Voices