Power, Together for Leadership

Co Chairs Womens Day Off (7)

Focus of 2023
The Reykjavík Global Forum will continue to convene leaders under the heading “Power, Together“ and the mission remains to empower more women to attain and retain power. This year’s theme will be Power, Together for Leadership. Major Forum themes include:

  • Digital Technology & Generative AI: The opportunities and challenges of the next generation of digital technology, including generative AI, privacy and the impact of disinformation on democracy. 
  • The Future of Cities: How cities are innovating to create more equitable spaces for their citizens, including the impacts of climate change. 
  • The Reykjavik Index: For the sixth year, the Index will be introduced by Kantar Public, including a breakout analysis on the Nordic countries, which generally score higher for gender equality. The forum will highlight additional global research studies that intersect with the Index.