Power, Together. Community of Actions


Power, Together. Community of Actions

At the Reykjavík Global Forum 2019, Conversationists are encouraged to launch their Pledge to ensure that we walk the talk, walk the Forum’s conversation. Take a look at the Pledges received so far. Get inspired to design your own Pledge.

Your pledge can be personal, or on behalf of the company or the organisation you represent. It can be big or small, involve money or not, can be local or global, each Conversationist takes an individual choice. In your pledge you can call on representatives of the private sectors, politics and civil society to join in and commit themselves to contribute to reach your pledge thereby using the Power, Together. Indicate the time frame and ways to measure outcomes and launch your Pledge to increase the action and subsequent positive change that comes from the Forum.

Some of the most impressive pledges will be chosen to be announced on the plenary stage during the Forum. Any pledge made before the deadline of the 18th of November 2019 will be displayed on an interactive screen during the days of the Forum as well as documented online throughout the year.

Check the latest pledges here