Reykjavik Global Forum Co-Founders Issue “Global Call to Action” to Accelerate Gender Equality Progress


Reykjavik Index for Leadership Results Show Lack of Progress – and Regression – on Gender Equality Perceptions Five Years After the Research was Launched 

Press Release – November 8, 2022 – Reykjavik Global Forum co-founders Hanna Birna Kristjansdottir and Silvana Koch-Mehrin today issued a global call to action to accelerate gender equality progress, as the annual Forum convened in Iceland with more than 400 conversationists. 

The annual Reykjavik Index for Leadership data released today during a Forum panel hosted by Kantar Public, Global CEO, Dr Michelle Harrison, shows a widespread lack of progress and in some areas regression, in G7 countries and others, on the perception of women and men being equally suitable for leadership. Some areas of the Index, the first measure of perceived suitability of women and men for leadership, have dropped to levels lower than were first measured when the Index was launched by Kantar Public and Women Political Leaders in 2018. 

“This year’s data is a call to action for our global community to accelerate progress in women’s rights,” said Kristjansdottir and Koch-Mehrin, co-founders of the Reykjavik Global Forum. “From introducing legislation to improving cultural portrayals, we are committed to a global, cross-platform, intersectional effort to achieve equal rights for all.” 

“When the Reykjavík Index for Leadership was launched five years ago at the Forum, we acknowledged that progress in equality for women was far from guaranteed,” Kantar Public CEO Harrison said. “What this year’s research tells us is that governments, employers, academic institutions and communities need to double down on collective action – not just for women living and working around the world today – but for future generations.” 

Across the G7 group of countries, and in multiple areas of economic activity, many of the 2022 Index scores continue to fall far short of the target score of 100, which indicates a consensus across society that women and men are equally suited for leadership. Over the coming months, Kantar Public and the Forum will follow up with more in-depth analysis by country, industry, age and on the specific question on women’s suitability for leadership. 

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