A positive actionable pledge will stimulate real change. Reykjavík Global Forum – Women Leaders wants to encourage the use of The Conversationist Pledge to ensure that we walk the talk, walk the Forum conversation: to increase the action and subsequent positive change that emanates from the Forum.

A pledge is a commitment to a concrete and measurable action, in line with the Reykjavík Global Forum purpose. It can be big or small, involve money or not, local or global.

The pledge can be personal, or on behalf of the company or organisation a Conversationist represents. A pledge should be submitted to the Reykjavík Global Forum by November 19th 2019.

A pledge submission must state clearly:

  • Person or organisation pledging, including contact person
  • The measurable action, details and desired outcome
  • The timeframe and deadline, to be partly or fully realised by November 2020
  • Pledge highlights will be introduced on stage and all pledges will be displayed on a pledge screen during the Reykjaviík Global Forum 2019.


Progress of the pledges will be documented online throughout the year, under a dedicated Conversationists Pledge page on the Forum website.The Reykjavík Global Forum 2020 will show the outcomes of the pledges and recognise corporates and individuals as their pledges turn into measurable outcomes during a special ceremony at the Forum each year.

Submit a pledge in the following email account: